Bob Dylan Drawn Blank

Back in 2008, we were delighted to be one of a select group of UK galleries to stock the first publications from US singer, songwriter, poet, sage entertainer and living icon, Bob Dylan. Entitled The Drawn Blank Series of Limited Edition Graphics, they were an instant hit with both our regular art collectors and also by fans and followers of Bob Dylan from across the world. The drawings for the images were originally drawn whilst Bob Dylan began what has become to be know as The Never Ending Tour in 1989 – and indeed, since then he has continued to tour the world every year, performing over 150 times every year. The drawings were made in between gigs and feature whatever took Bob Dylan’s eye at the time – a woman standing at a bar in a pub, a bowl of fruit on a hotel table, a bicycle leaning against a wall or the view of a hotel pool from his window. All everyday images, seen through the eyes of Bob Dylan. In 2008, a selection of these drawings were worked on by Bob Dylan, with him adding colour which gave them vitality and interest. Influence from artist such as Matisse, Cezanne, Van Gogh and others can be seen in his work, but particularly the ideas of Andy Warhol – taking an image and reworking it in different colours, adding new elements which give the image a new atmosphere. The series offers n insight into the mind and soul of a great songwriter, entertainer, sage and artist who continues to be revered and honoured around the globe.
On awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012, President Obama said “By the time he was 23, Bob’s voice, with its weight, its unique, gravelly power was redefining not just what music sounded like, but the message it carried and how it made people feel. Today, everybody from Bruce Springsteen to U2 owes Bob a debt of gratitude.There is not a bigger giant in the history of American music.” He has now been nominated to receive France’s highest honour, the Legion of Honour later this year.
Next week, August 10th, sees the launch of the new publications in the Drawn Blank Series – 6 never before published images and 5 of the more iconic images, including Train Tracks, in new re incarnations – see them all at

Train Tracks 2013 by Bob Dylan at The Original Art Shop

Train Tracks 2013 by Bob Dylan at The Original Art Shop

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Bob Dylan

I was very excited to hear that Bob Dylan is to play at just three venues in the UK in November – The Albert Hall, Glasgow Arena and The Opera House in Blackpool – just a few miles from our gallery in Preston. I was even more excited when I managed to get hold of a ticket for one of his Blackpool shows. We are the nearest stockist to Blackpool of his very popular and critically acclaimed limited edition graphics – The Drawn Blank Series. Since their initial launch in 2008 this wonderful collection of work has sold to customers across the globe – Australia, China, Germany, South Africa and of course all across the U.S.A. The price of the prints has increased steadily over that period by an average of around 50% with some commanding prices more than double their original published price. Every piece comes with a beautifully produced certificate of authenticity.

Here are a couple of images of my favourite pieces that we have in stock at


Bicycle by Bob Dylan

Bicycle by Bob Dylan

Vista from Balcony

Vista from Balcony by Bob Dylan

Vista from Balcony by Bob Dylan

The whole collection is a testament to the versatility of one of the most creative and respected artists alive today. If you haven’t seen them before take a look at If you would like to be kept updated of any future additions to the collection email us at or add your email address to the newsletter box on the homepage of our website Don’t worry – I will not inundate you with tons of spam, juts an occasional update when new additions to our range are made.

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Dorset in Lancashire?

The news of the cliff fall in Dorset this week took me back to some happy times in my life spent camping in the large campsite at Durdle Door – very near the cliff fall last week at St Oswald’s Bay. Part of the coastal path has been closed while the area is made safe again. It is the memories of our time spent in Dorset, that makes the work of contemporary artist Paul Corfield so appealing to us. At first glance, his work may appear a little “cartoonish” but take time to look deeper and you will notice how every detail is correct – from the perspective in a cliff top path to the angle of the shadows created by the setting sun on the hedgrerows and furrow in the fields. His use of colour, especially in his sunsets is striking, best seen in his new limited edition, Changing Colours.

Changing Colours by artist Paul Corfield The Original Art Shop

Changing Colours by artist Paul Corfield

I find the colour Paul has used in the sky in this picture to be warm and inviting, the long shadows on the sheep and trees adding depth – if you are familiar with Paul’s work you may also notice that he has added a lot of extra detail to the leaves of the trees. Printed direct onto canvas and framed in a warm toned wooden frame, this is a fine example of work of one of our more ppular artists.

In “The Last Day of Summer” Paul has used a letterbox or panoramic format to emphasise the wide landscape of Dorset. As the sun sets over the sea, the autumnal tones of the trees and the harvested crops contrast beautifully with the darker greens of the fields at the end of the growing season.

The Last Day of Summer by artist Paul Corfield

The Last Day of Summer by artist Paul Corfield

Full details on these two images and much more of Paul’s work can be seen on our website at or in our high street gallery in Preston City Centre.

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Diamond Dust

Long before the Campbell’s soup cans, the Elizabeths, the Marilyns, and the Maos, there were shoes. Andy Warhol loved to draw them—high heels, pumps, or jewelled stilettos, many of them blotted-line drawings, filled in with color, and created when the artist was a commercial fashion illustrator in 1950s New York.

In 1980, Warhol, who was by then a famous Pop artist, returned to shoes, portraying arrangements of ladies footwear in a Diamond Dust series of screen prints in which Warhol added diamond dust for extra sparkle. Among the most famous: Diamond Dust Shoes (Random).
Artist Simon Claridge has produced a homage to Andy Warhol’s Diamond Dust technique, and his pop art portraits of glamourous ladies of the day by painting a selection of images, in grey tones, which he has called his Diamond Dust Collection.
Reproduced by fine art publisher Washington Green as a series of limited edition giclee prints, each print on canvas board is enhanced with a subtle sparkle to replicate the diamond dust effect and then framed in a bright white swept frame that gives this collection a real touch of the glam!

The first of his two brand new publications features actress Audrey Hepburn in Hepburn, New York, New York.

Simon Claridge Diamond Dust - Hepburn - New York, New York

Simon Claridge Diamond Dust – Hepburn – New York, New York

The collection of completed with this beautiful image of 60’s glamour girl Bridget Bardot. Simon has called this piece Bardot Ooh Laa Laa



Both of these images can be seen, and purchased on our website or in our gallery in The St George’s Centre, Preston, Lancs

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A new take on an old favourite from Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington, is an artist that we have supported for many years, during which time she has been supplied by a couple of art agents and publishers. Her work is unique – she build her pictures up, using brightly coloured details to give a 3D effect. She then finishes off with a high gloss resin coating which gives makes many viewers think they are made of glass.They are supplied in to me in beautiful high quality frames, especially selected to enhance each piece of art.
She has now broken away from the constraints of being represented by commercial art agents, and set up her own distrubution business which gives her more freedom and control of her work.
One of the first things she has done is to launch a collection of 12 Unique Editions. These are in essense a limited edition print, but each piece is treated individually with hand worked 3D pieces adhered to the surface, metallics added to reflect the light and other hand embellishments, making each piece in some way unique. The work then has resin varnish applied, the result being that every piece has the appearance of one of her original paintings.

This is the third in her Alice in Wonderland series – Alice Meets the Caterpillar.

Kerry Darlington - Alice Meets the Caterpillar

Kerry Darlington – Alice Meets the Caterpillar

The first in the Peter Pan series – Come Away, Come Away

Come Away Come Away by Kerry Darlington

Come Away Come Away by Kerry Darlington

And, my personal favourite, Kerry’s take on a very famous painting by Pre Raphaelite artist John Everett Millais, Ophelia. Kerry has enhanced this piece with textures and dynamic curves to add real atmosohere and an extra dimension. It is framed in an ornate bronze toned frame from Frinton Frames, which is a perfect compliment to a stunning picture. I would be very interested to hear the views if my blog readers just add your comments below.

Ophelia by artist Kerry Darlington

Ophelia by artist Kerry Darlington

Visit our website at to see all of Kerry’s Unique Editions.

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More new work from Shazia Rashid

One of my favourite artists from Washington Green is Shazia Rashid, in fact one of my first posts in this blog in January this year concerned her work.
Well, two more pictures have just been published and they are a little different to her usual style, but both of them just make you stand and stare – the first Fawn, was produced when Shazia was working on a project in California called Painted Sound, where she had to produce her interpretation of a piece of music. An instrumental track from the Alice album, by singer songwriter Tom Waits, called Fawn, was the inspiration for this wonderful wistful piece. Like the music, the painting offers up both beauty and desolation, although perhaps not apparant at first viewing. Fawn tugs at your heartstrings and you feel she is abandoned and un-cared for in the darkness of the forest. Her light dress attracts the butterflies fluttering around her, and you fear she may also attract larger prey in the forest. The creeping fog pulls you ever closer and you become fearful and disorientated. You stop to place yourself, but Fawn falls back into the shadowy mist and is lost to you. You are left desolate and bereft of a heart that you know was never yours to take.

Shazia - Fawn- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

Shazia – Fawn- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

Shazia’s second piece, Vida, was inspired by a story that her mother told her and her sisters when she was child – unbeknown to her it was the Greek myth about Alcyone, wife of Ceyx, who was punished by an angry Zeus. Ceyx was hit by a thunderbolt and cast upon the shore when Alcyone finds him. Grief stricken, she throws herself into the swirling sea. Out of pity and compassion, the gods turn them both into Kingfishers so they are together once more.

Shazia - Vida- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

Shazia – Vida- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

You can see full details of these two pictures, plus all other available work by Shazia Rashid on our website at

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Paul Kenton – Dynamic City Scenes

Although we are based in the North West of England, we stock, and sell, a lot of cityscape pictures of cities from across the world – years ago it was photographic panoramic posters by James Blakeway – his photos of New York were popular with anyone who had visited the city and his range soon expanded to cover most large cities across the world. He took one of the last photos of The World Trade Center in the summer of 2001, when he was circling New York in a helicopter, waiting for permission to fly into the city to take some shots of the Empire State Building.
Although we still get the occasional James Blakeway poster in for customers, we no longer stock the range as we now supply mostly limited editions and originals. One of our most popular artists at the moment is Paul Kenton, who has just launched 6 new box canvas limited editions featuring London, Amsterdam, New York, and Paris. If you are not familiar with Paul’s work – they are large box canvas pieces – full of colour and movement, capturing the atmosphere of the city he is painting. The prints are produced in very limited numbers -only 150 of each of his latest pictures and every giclee print is hand finished with black swirling textures that bring every image to life.

Here is London Fire and Amsterdam Moods, two very different pictures that both reflect the soul of the city they are depicting.

London Fire by artist Paul Kenton at The Original Art Shop

London Fire by artist Paul Kenton

Amsterdam Moods by artist Paul Kenton

Amsterdam Moods by artist Paul Kenton

To see all of Pual’s new images visit our website at or call into our city centre gallery in the heart of Preston, Lancs

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