Bob Dylan Drawn Blank

Back in 2008, we were delighted to be one of a select group of UK galleries to stock the first publications from US singer, songwriter, poet, sage entertainer and living icon, Bob Dylan. Entitled The Drawn Blank Series of Limited Edition Graphics, they were an instant hit with both our regular art collectors and also by fans and followers of Bob Dylan from across the world. The drawings for the images were originally drawn whilst Bob Dylan began what has become to be know as The Never Ending Tour in 1989 – and indeed, since then he has continued to tour the world every year, performing over 150 times every year. The drawings were made in between gigs and feature whatever took Bob Dylan’s eye at the time – a woman standing at a bar in a pub, a bowl of fruit on a hotel table, a bicycle leaning against a wall or the view of a hotel pool from his window. All everyday images, seen through the eyes of Bob Dylan. In 2008, a selection of these drawings were worked on by Bob Dylan, with him adding colour which gave them vitality and interest. Influence from artist such as Matisse, Cezanne, Van Gogh and others can be seen in his work, but particularly the ideas of Andy Warhol – taking an image and reworking it in different colours, adding new elements which give the image a new atmosphere. The series offers n insight into the mind and soul of a great songwriter, entertainer, sage and artist who continues to be revered and honoured around the globe.
On awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012, President Obama said “By the time he was 23, Bob’s voice, with its weight, its unique, gravelly power was redefining not just what music sounded like, but the message it carried and how it made people feel. Today, everybody from Bruce Springsteen to U2 owes Bob a debt of gratitude.There is not a bigger giant in the history of American music.” He has now been nominated to receive France’s highest honour, the Legion of Honour later this year.
Next week, August 10th, sees the launch of the new publications in the Drawn Blank Series – 6 never before published images and 5 of the more iconic images, including Train Tracks, in new re incarnations – see them all at

Train Tracks 2013 by Bob Dylan at The Original Art Shop

Train Tracks 2013 by Bob Dylan at The Original Art Shop

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