Bob Dylan

I was very excited to hear that Bob Dylan is to play at just three venues in the UK in November – The Albert Hall, Glasgow Arena and The Opera House in Blackpool – just a few miles from our gallery in Preston. I was even more excited when I managed to get hold of a ticket for one of his Blackpool shows. We are the nearest stockist to Blackpool of his very popular and critically acclaimed limited edition graphics – The Drawn Blank Series. Since their initial launch in 2008 this wonderful collection of work has sold to customers across the globe – Australia, China, Germany, South Africa and of course all across the U.S.A. The price of the prints has increased steadily over that period by an average of around 50% with some commanding prices more than double their original published price. Every piece comes with a beautifully produced certificate of authenticity.

Here are a couple of images of my favourite pieces that we have in stock at


Bicycle by Bob Dylan

Bicycle by Bob Dylan

Vista from Balcony

Vista from Balcony by Bob Dylan

Vista from Balcony by Bob Dylan

The whole collection is a testament to the versatility of one of the most creative and respected artists alive today. If you haven’t seen them before take a look at If you would like to be kept updated of any future additions to the collection email us at or add your email address to the newsletter box on the homepage of our website Don’t worry – I will not inundate you with tons of spam, juts an occasional update when new additions to our range are made.

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