Dorset in Lancashire?

The news of the cliff fall in Dorset this week took me back to some happy times in my life spent camping in the large campsite at Durdle Door – very near the cliff fall last week at St Oswald’s Bay. Part of the coastal path has been closed while the area is made safe again. It is the memories of our time spent in Dorset, that makes the work of contemporary artist Paul Corfield so appealing to us. At first glance, his work may appear a little “cartoonish” but take time to look deeper and you will notice how every detail is correct – from the perspective in a cliff top path to the angle of the shadows created by the setting sun on the hedgrerows and furrow in the fields. His use of colour, especially in his sunsets is striking, best seen in his new limited edition, Changing Colours.

Changing Colours by artist Paul Corfield The Original Art Shop

Changing Colours by artist Paul Corfield

I find the colour Paul has used in the sky in this picture to be warm and inviting, the long shadows on the sheep and trees adding depth – if you are familiar with Paul’s work you may also notice that he has added a lot of extra detail to the leaves of the trees. Printed direct onto canvas and framed in a warm toned wooden frame, this is a fine example of work of one of our more ppular artists.

In “The Last Day of Summer” Paul has used a letterbox or panoramic format to emphasise the wide landscape of Dorset. As the sun sets over the sea, the autumnal tones of the trees and the harvested crops contrast beautifully with the darker greens of the fields at the end of the growing season.

The Last Day of Summer by artist Paul Corfield

The Last Day of Summer by artist Paul Corfield

Full details on these two images and much more of Paul’s work can be seen on our website at or in our high street gallery in Preston City Centre.

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