Diamond Dust

Long before the Campbell’s soup cans, the Elizabeths, the Marilyns, and the Maos, there were shoes. Andy Warhol loved to draw them—high heels, pumps, or jewelled stilettos, many of them blotted-line drawings, filled in with color, and created when the artist was a commercial fashion illustrator in 1950s New York.

In 1980, Warhol, who was by then a famous Pop artist, returned to shoes, portraying arrangements of ladies footwear in a Diamond Dust series of screen prints in which Warhol added diamond dust for extra sparkle. Among the most famous: Diamond Dust Shoes (Random).
Artist Simon Claridge has produced a homage to Andy Warhol’s Diamond Dust technique, and his pop art portraits of glamourous ladies of the day by painting a selection of images, in grey tones, which he has called his Diamond Dust Collection.
Reproduced by fine art publisher Washington Green as a series of limited edition giclee prints, each print on canvas board is enhanced with a subtle sparkle to replicate the diamond dust effect and then framed in a bright white swept frame that gives this collection a real touch of the glam!

The first of his two brand new publications features actress Audrey Hepburn in Hepburn, New York, New York.

Simon Claridge Diamond Dust - Hepburn - New York, New York

Simon Claridge Diamond Dust – Hepburn – New York, New York

The collection of completed with this beautiful image of 60’s glamour girl Bridget Bardot. Simon has called this piece Bardot Ooh Laa Laa



Both of these images can be seen, and purchased on our website http://www.originalartshop.co.uk or in our gallery in The St George’s Centre, Preston, Lancs

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