A new take on an old favourite from Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington, is an artist that we have supported for many years, during which time she has been supplied by a couple of art agents and publishers. Her work is unique – she build her pictures up, using brightly coloured details to give a 3D effect. She then finishes off with a high gloss resin coating which gives makes many viewers think they are made of glass.They are supplied in to me in beautiful high quality frames, especially selected to enhance each piece of art.
She has now broken away from the constraints of being represented by commercial art agents, and set up her own distrubution business which gives her more freedom and control of her work.
One of the first things she has done is to launch a collection of 12 Unique Editions. These are in essense a limited edition print, but each piece is treated individually with hand worked 3D pieces adhered to the surface, metallics added to reflect the light and other hand embellishments, making each piece in some way unique. The work then has resin varnish applied, the result being that every piece has the appearance of one of her original paintings.

This is the third in her Alice in Wonderland series – Alice Meets the Caterpillar.

Kerry Darlington - Alice Meets the Caterpillar

Kerry Darlington – Alice Meets the Caterpillar

The first in the Peter Pan series – Come Away, Come Away

Come Away Come Away by Kerry Darlington

Come Away Come Away by Kerry Darlington

And, my personal favourite, Kerry’s take on a very famous painting by Pre Raphaelite artist John Everett Millais, Ophelia. Kerry has enhanced this piece with textures and dynamic curves to add real atmosohere and an extra dimension. It is framed in an ornate bronze toned frame from Frinton Frames, which is a perfect compliment to a stunning picture. I would be very interested to hear the views if my blog readers just add your comments below.

Ophelia by artist Kerry Darlington

Ophelia by artist Kerry Darlington

Visit our website at http://www.originalartshop.co.uk to see all of Kerry’s Unique Editions.

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