More new work from Shazia Rashid

One of my favourite artists from Washington Green is Shazia Rashid, in fact one of my first posts in this blog in January this year concerned her work.
Well, two more pictures have just been published and they are a little different to her usual style, but both of them just make you stand and stare – the first Fawn, was produced when Shazia was working on a project in California called Painted Sound, where she had to produce her interpretation of a piece of music. An instrumental track from the Alice album, by singer songwriter Tom Waits, called Fawn, was the inspiration for this wonderful wistful piece. Like the music, the painting offers up both beauty and desolation, although perhaps not apparant at first viewing. Fawn tugs at your heartstrings and you feel she is abandoned and un-cared for in the darkness of the forest. Her light dress attracts the butterflies fluttering around her, and you fear she may also attract larger prey in the forest. The creeping fog pulls you ever closer and you become fearful and disorientated. You stop to place yourself, but Fawn falls back into the shadowy mist and is lost to you. You are left desolate and bereft of a heart that you know was never yours to take.

Shazia - Fawn- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

Shazia – Fawn- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

Shazia’s second piece, Vida, was inspired by a story that her mother told her and her sisters when she was child – unbeknown to her it was the Greek myth about Alcyone, wife of Ceyx, who was punished by an angry Zeus. Ceyx was hit by a thunderbolt and cast upon the shore when Alcyone finds him. Grief stricken, she throws herself into the swirling sea. Out of pity and compassion, the gods turn them both into Kingfishers so they are together once more.

Shazia - Vida- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

Shazia – Vida- by -artist-Shazia-Rashid

You can see full details of these two pictures, plus all other available work by Shazia Rashid on our website at

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