Paul Kenton – Dynamic City Scenes

Although we are based in the North West of England, we stock, and sell, a lot of cityscape pictures of cities from across the world – years ago it was photographic panoramic posters by James Blakeway – his photos of New York were popular with anyone who had visited the city and his range soon expanded to cover most large cities across the world. He took one of the last photos of The World Trade Center in the summer of 2001, when he was circling New York in a helicopter, waiting for permission to fly into the city to take some shots of the Empire State Building.
Although we still get the occasional James Blakeway poster in for customers, we no longer stock the range as we now supply mostly limited editions and originals. One of our most popular artists at the moment is Paul Kenton, who has just launched 6 new box canvas limited editions featuring London, Amsterdam, New York, and Paris. If you are not familiar with Paul’s work – they are large box canvas pieces – full of colour and movement, capturing the atmosphere of the city he is painting. The prints are produced in very limited numbers -only 150 of each of his latest pictures and every giclee print is hand finished with black swirling textures that bring every image to life.

Here is London Fire and Amsterdam Moods, two very different pictures that both reflect the soul of the city they are depicting.

London Fire by artist Paul Kenton at The Original Art Shop

London Fire by artist Paul Kenton

Amsterdam Moods by artist Paul Kenton

Amsterdam Moods by artist Paul Kenton

To see all of Pual’s new images visit our website at or call into our city centre gallery in the heart of Preston, Lancs

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