A Marvelous Week

Last Saturday saw the launch of the new collection of limited edition giclee prints, hand signed by Stan Lee, founder of Marvel Comics – and this week I have spent every day talking comics to every other person coming into the gallery, plus the phone has not stopped ringing with people wanting information. The publisher has now sold out of the collection and we have a second delivery due in next week, which means that at the moment we have the complete collection available, both on paper or on canvas. You can see the full collection at http://www.originalartshop.co.uk

Its not all been Stan Lee this week though. The new publications from Alexander Millar, Bob Barker and Paul Kenton have all arrived this week and are giving the gallery a brand new, fresh look for the new season.

Together a new limited edition giclee on canvas from Bob Barker

Together a new limited edition giclee on canvas from Bob Barker

On a side issue, I also look after the website for my Rotary Club and I have just added a facility to the website to enable visitors to the site to donate to our charity account, thus helping the many local and International causes that we are involved in – take a look at http://www.rcsl.org.uk and if you are feeling charitable – click the donate button, you can use any credit or debit card or Paypal, and you can be sure your donation will be used wisely.



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