Winter comes to England

A lot of excitement in the UK today as all across the country heavy snow falls are forecast. Washington Green Publishers head office have closed and sent their staff home as the snow is getting deep in Birmingham, Our carriers have warned us to hold onto any parcels until after the weekend if possible – especialy any bound for overseas as the airports may be closing, the radio is full of traffic problems on the motorways.

Meanwhile in Preston there is hardly any snow at all yet, a few flakes blowing about but that is it. Sheila is at home, about 7 miles south of the city and there is a good few centimetres on the ground – I have just had a customer tell me how bad the snow is at Lytham – 7 or 8 miles to the West of Preston – but in Preston itself – Nothing! Still I am sure that by the time this has been posted the situation will have changed.

If you like the look of the snow, but not the cold, here are a few pictures that we have in stock that you can look at from the comfort of your armchair – if you would like more information on any of the pictures, just visit our website at

First Up – Winter’s Love by Paul Horton – we have just one copy left of this limited edition print which would make a perfect present for Valentine’s Day.

Paul Horton,paul horton art,paul horton pictures,paul horton artist

Winter’s Love a signed limited edition giclee print by Paul Horton

Next another popular artist Bob Barker  – Whale of a Time –  a nostalgic picture of our youth – sledging down the empty roads, trudging back up the hill for another run before heading home – cold, wet tired and happy.

Bob Barker,BobBarker artist,Bob Barker art,Bob Barker pictures,Bob Barker childrens gamesAnd finally a rare sculpture from Doug Hyde – A Winters Tale –

Doug Hyde, Doug Hyde sculpture,doug hyde art,doug hyde artist


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