2012 nears its close.

Well, thats Christmas over with so it is traditionally the time to reflect on the year gone by. Despite very difficult trading conditions, 2012 was a good one for us, being our best ever year trading since we opened in 1988. We had two very good artist visits – Peter Smith in the Spring, launching his Lost Impossimals collection, and more recently Bob Barker giving an excellent demonstration of his techniques and showcasing his new collection of limited edition prints just 4 weeks ago.

We also had some very successul new images from Caroline Shotton, Ronnie Wood and Bob Dylan plus a stunning new sell out collection from Stuart McAlpine Miller.

We are now into our Winter Sale before the new ranges are launched in the first week in February.

There are signs of economic recovery in Preston – BAE have announced a new contract to supply Typhoons and Hawks to Oman and have been able to increase hours for their workforce locally, There are two new large house building programmes due to start, which means more employment in a labour intensive industry, and the government have given the go ahead for extraction of Shale Gas -Preston sits on top of one of the largest deposits in the world apparantly – so as long as the extraction doesn’t cause Lancashire to slide into the Irish Sea, we should be starting to see some recovery in the local economy.

I would like to thank all of our customers for choosing us to supply their artwork and frame their precious items and wish you all a very happy New Year!


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