Still Rocking after all these years

As a teenager in the 1960’s, my older brother drove me crackers by playing “Love Me Do”, and “She Loves You” over and over again on the familys’ Dansette record player – just typing that and I can smell the vinyl covering and the smell of 45’s. So, when a scruffy band with a harder edge to them first came to my attention, I was immediately hooked. As we all know, The Rolling Stones became “The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World”, and there can’t be many people in the civilised world who have not heard of them.

After the premature passing of Brian Jones, and the temporary replacement Mick Taylor left the band, a guitarist with an art school background joined the Stones after cutting his plectrum with Jeff Beck and The Faces. Since 1975 he has remained with the band, and during that time he has sketched and painted members of the band back stage, in rehearsal and performing.

Now, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones, 6 brand new limited edition prints have been published featuring all 4 key members of the band – every print is handsigned by Ronnie Wood. The prints are available on paper and on box canvas. The pictures have been on the gallery walls for a few days now, and most people are staggered at how good an artist Ronnie Wood is. As a print seller of over 26 years, I find the quality if reproduction to be exceptional – you can clearly see the brushwork and texture of the paint, and the depth of colour is truly stunning.

This collection is bound to sell out very quickly, and although is is sometimes tricky to say that a signed limited edition print will make a sound investment, I think that this collection can only go one way in value over the coming years, and like the Rolling Stones career that way is upwards!

Take a look at

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